Technology in the classroom vs. a classroom through technology

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You would think that when Linkedin bought Slideshare it would change something, but the platform is exaclty the same I found out that in 2020 Scribd bought it a platform for online reading and publishing And this is also something I found about when I entered Slideshare after a decade

Why this trip to the past? Because the academy has a double circuit: you need to learn how to adress a certain public (your field or discipline) learning technical words and later -or at the same time- to learn how to communicate in a simple mmaner to the general public

And this is what I’ve been doing since 2018 in conferences, posts of this blog, courses, etc. The discussion, then, if is in the pandemic what we call “hybrid”, is rather a sociotechnical model which does not divide the technological from the social, and which embeddss technology in a network interaction

The difference between the hybrud model and the sociomaterial

Therefore, technology is “embeded” in social relations

I regret one thing of my trip to MIT in 2018,and that is not having expressed in my own way, although I don’t master design at all, I had a friend helped me

In that presentation I realized that I could’ve been bolder as I had already receive very good feedback about my ideas, and the way in which I used different theories “First, I used this, alter, this other” But I was so nervous at the presentation, as it was my first time outside Argentina, that I ignored my own style

The original paper in english is Networked Inquiry and Performative Knowledge. I also made somvideos in Youtube. They’re not edited but I make them in order to practice

In those slides I approach issues such as the difference between online/offline,even though the term “hibrid” is hot right now, it does not express the complexity of interconnectedness, and is something that I tried to answer from educational research

On this regard, is also interesting to watch the trends of institutions and schools, from their organizational structures, to give solutions due to the pandemic I also wrote this in Medium (Link) Mwhere I mention the program One Laptop per Child, which is being activated again in some places of Latin America

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