5 public relations lessons from Walter Isaacson's book on Jennifer Doudna and the CRISPR revolution

I share here a review of Walter Isaacson's book "The Codebreaker. Jennifer Doudna, Gene editing and the future of the human race". I highlight the race in terms of scientific publishing between the main characters of the CRISPR revolution, which involved the encounter of different disciplines such as molecular biology, biochemistry, among others.

Strategic thinking for the 21st century: from Michael Porter to Peter Thiel

In literature regarding strategic thinking the use of military definitions and analysis, which equiparate strategy with rivalry and competition, is generalized. (Hax, 2010; Kim y Mauborgne, 2005; Thiel, 2014). In this post I review some definitions of strategy used in academy, some of which are traditional and other, are rather new and controversial. Besides, I reflect on the role of the Internet, network technologies, and in the purpose of getting a unique position in business.

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