Ian Hacking (1936-2023)

In May (just one month ago) the philosopher of science Ian Hacking died. For some people of that field, he was known for his contributions to the study of psichiatry or historical epistemology. To me, he was the author of two of the best texts I've ever read in my life: the introductory essays to two great texts from the History of Science: Paul Feyerabend's Against Method, and a classic, Thomas Kuhn's The structure of Scientific Revolutions

The Entrepreneurial Challenge-Mendoza

Last friday, May 19th I was one of the juries of «The Entrepreneurial Challenge», the final activity of an international program of the Faculty of Economical Sciences (Uncuyo) with Belmont University (Nashville, United States). Besides being an exciting activity it left me with a lot of reflections about a sector in whith which I hadn't been involved for years, but that it was central in my training and career

Algorithmic culture and Technical Philosophy-Tribute to Sebastián Touza

On May 24th, a series of events will take place in memory of our friend Sebastián Touza, organized by the Direction of Communications of the Faculty of Political and Social Sciences, the Library of the National University of Cuyo, the program of Informatics and Society, which Sebastián led and which is now under Ariel Benasayag’s work The event is called Algorithmic culture and Technical Philosophy-Tribute to Sebastián Touza Also, his family will donate his personal library

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