Notes from the doctoral life #18: ideas and formats The anti strategy

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I received a newsletter and I wasn’t sure about the author It was weird but
I learned later that it was Zeynep Tufecki. I remembered I was following her on Twitter, she said

“I won’t quit social media or public speaking, but there’s so much I want to explore and I don’t do it because I can’t find a way (…) Thinking on emerging evidence. Going deeper for less that an article, but more than a Twitter thread”.

No better words to describe what it’s happening to me I hace a lot of drafts, and ideas, but the phd has transformed my interests and the way in which I express myself If it’s for a paper, for the blog, for a Youtube video, or just to think in silence

I find it hard to combine communication formats from the internet and the academy It made me think a lot about The Social Dilemma, because I was part of those people from startups and companies which gained consciousness of activities which had to be deconstructed Keeping my essence, but changing a lot during the process And that has a price, and it is that can’t go back!

This was very evident this months The first weeks of this year, in which I decided to present my dissertation I didn’t feel any pressure, but i was eager to write and produce I wrote here a lot, and made a lot of online courses. Also, due to the restrictions And little by little I lost that feeling or need to be productive

Another thing is that I miss a lot academic environments. I made a lot of seminars and participated in virtual sessions in which I thought “what a delight!”. Like those from The New School. It was like having a bit of Nueva York in my home, from an artist to a researcher which you could only hear before attending poetical sessions there I didn’t value this until the pandemic This is what changed a lot these years, in relation to the other times when I attended more like business events

It doesn’t mean that I don’t look at my world anymore, or the place where I trained as a professional, but my position now, after starting a research path, is different

I never liked saying that I was a strategist, or that I did strategy for clients because 1) I never liked defining myself, what I do has a lot to do with exploration 2) My craft became a business when also social media and tech startups consolidated 3) It sounds machiavelic But I worked as a strategist, or in the public relations area during year To me it was a “in the meantime”

But I was a little bit tired of that rythm, and I started embodying the rythm or academy, or at least of thinking activities, and intelectual activities, rather than startups Meaning, the academy has its rythm and research does not happen in one day, but is a process of years

As I told you about in the post about the social dilemma, some professionals from the tech world have deconstructed themselves, and changed their way of working and living I don’t love the word “deterritorialization” close to Deleuze.

But I think is what’s happened. I made some videos to communicate my work, but I’m not sure either I used to think of this as the most important asset og the Internet: its global reach Now I need to know who’s reading me, who’s getting my message, what are they feeling or what would they like to reply

Therefore, even though I’m watching top authors via Zoom or YouTube , I miss those moments in which some of us would encounter in a hall, a talk, an activity. Or there was a discussion with a professor

Foto destacada: “Desconexión en red” , de Magalí RIera (2018) Museo Carlos Alonso, Mansión Stoppel, Mendoza.

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