Alondra Nelson, influential personality in Artificial Intelligence

The magazine “TIME” included in these days Alondra Nelson among one of the 100 most influential people on Artificial Intellgence (IA), and I’d like to share also in this post the work I reviewed in an article about her positions -and other scientists’- regarding the centrality of computation in society. Nelson has been a professor at Yale, Columbia y and of the IAS -Institute for Advanced Studies- which I told you about in this post. Also, she directed the Social Sciences Research Council. But the most relevant, we could say, is that she was part of the office for Science of Technology of the United States President, Joe Biden, and she even replaced temporarily Eric Lander, for a conflict in that office [You can read more about Eric Lander, one of the most influential people in science, and an advisor to Obama in this post]

In the first place, I thought it was important to review this article which Nelson co-authors, because it’s in english, and neither in Argentina nor in Latin America there was such a clear position, and from, top scientists, about the need of adapting universities structure, and the contemplation of social and ethical aspects in the development of computing. In this work that was published in the Journal for Social Sciences and Humanities (LINK) I review the Science article in which Nelson, with David Lazer, Duncan Watts, Noshir Contractor, Alessandro Vespignani and others, write.

There, they share opportunities and disadvantages of the new field of Computational Social sciences which they define as “the development and application of computational methods to behavioral, complex and great scale data”. They refer to, for instance, the need for new legal infrastructure,the social, legal and ethical aspects, and the need oto rethink disciplinary and institutional methods, etc.

There’s a big opportunity due to the proliferation of careers and research, in which artificial intelligene is one of the areas included in that umbrella. This article was published in 2020, and, in 3 years, Artificial Intelligence became much more relevant. This is why, Alondra Nelson, as part of the White House committee, mentioned by TIME, was key in presenting this “blueprint” in order to prepare and present a project which regulates IA

In summary, I recommend comprender that you read my review in order to understand the relevance of Nelson as a researcher in social sciences who actively participates in the contemplation of ethical and social aspects of computing, and especially, in the IA revolution

Website of Alondra Nelson

My article in the Social Sciences and Humanities Journal in which I review the Science paper by Nelson et al

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