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I heard about HEI School San Rafael recently, due to a friend of Finland A friend of him told him about this school in the south of Mendoza, which is the first in the region.

I was surprised First, because, in all continent, they chose Mendoza, second, because I had read nothing about themThe opening of the school does appear in media from San Rafale, y and maybe this place was chosen by a preexsiting relation It seems to be a scheme of franchise They talk here about licenses to apply this model

But it¡s so courious


In their blog they say that even when in PISA tests ishow Finland among the first spots, they concentrate in early childhood and kindergarten

In the video they affirm that the finnish model of education is recognized worldwide, and it has been implemented in different countries That’s why HEI Schools wants to apply it with partners worldwide


One of their partners is the University of Helsinki, and based in research they have made a package to be applied as a model They base this model in 6 points

  • Curriculum
  • Teachers training
  • Learning environment HEI
  • Colections (Materials for teaching)
  • Model
  • Permanent training for teachers

They used an holistical approach based in game, also with a focus in developing resilience or “sisu” They say:

Finland is known by the concept of sisu, which is the courage to go through when things get tough It is the internal force you need to get up when you got knocked out or you have the odds against you. It is a quality which we all have in our inside In FInland kids discover their sisu o resiliencia, because they learn through themselves to love learning, to solve their problems, to express what they feel, and to value other’s opinions

I think this was a very interesting pedagogical model

Something that characterizes finnish education is this combination of research based education, and the design of learning spaces that faccilitate learning MEaning, design, architecture, materials, all of that makes of a school In general we think of schools not only as a program for learning, but also, as an architectural space rather traditional, but until I her about HEI I didn’t remember anything innovative in this regard (fisical space or environment) That’s why they build spacs for games, with wood, etc.

To this disposition of space they add educators (pedagogues, which are also researchers) I hope we see more of this in Mendoza and Argentina: the best researchers designing the best schools

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